S.Vishnhu Saaye

Chennai, Oct 30: Following the recent debacle of e-commerce portals in handling huge traffic during discounted sales, consumers have become even more apprehensive about buying online. Online portals cater to fewer customers in India, than stores that sell the same goods.

“It is hard to know if there really is a sale or if it’s only a publicity stunt. I do not want to get excited and disappointed for nothing, so I will never trust such sales again”, says Nalini.M, a student of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

With the festival season around, websites such as flipkart and jabong seem to offer discounts 24 hours a day. (more…)


Diwali Economics

As banner sizes increase, profits decrease Credits: Vedika Agarwal

As banner sizes increase, profits decrease
Credit: Vedika Agarwal

Chennai, Oct. 23: With an average 15% drop in sales, firecracker dealers across the city are finding it difficult to get rid of their stock the day after Diwali. They attribute this fall in demand to the monsoons, growing environmental consciousness, and the availability of China-made firecrackers in the market.