Rains play havoc in fireworks sale

By S.Vishnhu Saaye

Chennai, 21 Oct: The sudden onset of the north-east rains has affected the sale of fireworks and crackers in Chennai, that have been stocked for the festival of Diwali. The price increase from last year is also proving to be a hindrance for sale of the crackers.

The climate poses a severe threat to the safety of crackers as there is a possibility of the crackers getting damp, without precautionary storage measures, shopkeepers claim.

S.Bharath, proprietor of Standard Fireworks shop near the Indra Nagar water tank, says, “I have made an initial investment of more than Rs.1 lakh, but have been able to recover only Rs.20,000 so far. Also, it is becoming a problem to store these crackers as rains may render them ineffective.”

He was also critical of the high tax for a firecracker license, which is not helped by the fall in sales. (more…)


Diwali Economics

As banner sizes increase, profits decrease Credits: Vedika Agarwal

As banner sizes increase, profits decrease
Credit: Vedika Agarwal

Chennai, Oct. 23: With an average 15% drop in sales, firecracker dealers across the city are finding it difficult to get rid of their stock the day after Diwali. They attribute this fall in demand to the monsoons, growing environmental consciousness, and the availability of China-made firecrackers in the market.