Rains play havoc in fireworks sale

By S.Vishnhu Saaye

Chennai, 21 Oct: The sudden onset of the north-east rains has affected the sale of fireworks and crackers in Chennai, that have been stocked for the festival of Diwali. The price increase from last year is also proving to be a hindrance for sale of the crackers.

The climate poses a severe threat to the safety of crackers as there is a possibility of the crackers getting damp, without precautionary storage measures, shopkeepers claim.

S.Bharath, proprietor of Standard Fireworks shop near the Indra Nagar water tank, says, “I have made an initial investment of more than Rs.1 lakh, but have been able to recover only Rs.20,000 so far. Also, it is becoming a problem to store these crackers as rains may render them ineffective.”

He was also critical of the high tax for a firecracker license, which is not helped by the fall in sales. (more…)


Beach vendors and slum swellers on the Marina Beach suffer due to heavy rain

By Theja Ram

Chennai, Oct 21: The hustle of shop vendors and cluster of slum sheds lacked its busy appeal due to the incessant rain over the last few days. Many vendors and dwellers at the Marina beach have moved to other places until the rain dies down, while some are moving to other states.

Some slum dwellers have vacated the premise to set up homes in other parts of the city. “There were around 300 slum sheds here. Around 50 families have evacuated the area due to the heavy rain. My friend Kamala and her husband had to leave as their shed collapsed two days ago,” said Ramamangala, a slum resident who also owns a bajji stall shut temporarily.

A vendor at Marina Beach

Courtesy: Chennai Outdoors


Water clogged streets: Fault in Maintenance

Usha Rani Das

water clogged streets at besant nagar

water clogged streets at besant nagar

water collects near KasturbaiNagar railway station

water collects near KasturbaiNagar Railway station

Chennai, Oct 23: Though almost every building in Chennai has Rain Water Harvesting system, pools of water have appeared in front of the apartments and buildings. After a continuous downpour of rain for two days, Chennai streets were water clogged, causing people tremendous problem in carrying out their daily chores.

“Even if it rains for an hour or so, water collects in front of our apartment. We don’t know whom to approach to solve this,” said Sheethal Gunasekharan, a resident of Kalakshetra colony, Besant Nagar. (more…)

Animals suffer as monsoon fills the city


IMG_20141020_174435086 Mother rescues her piglets after heavy rains

by Tanvi Jadwani

Chennai, Oct 21: With a scarcity in the number of animal shelters in city, the arrival of monsoon with heavy rainfall has created a lot of problem for its fauna. Flooded roads, open manholes and uprooted trees have all contributed to the inconvenience of the street animals in Chennai.
Mostly all the animal rescue services in the city depend on a phone call from the citizens to the NGOs. There is no specialized rescue team that works to help animals reach a safe haven during such crisis. The animals which go unreported or the smaller animals which go unseen get no specialized attention from any of animal welfare organizations in the city.
Anuradha Chawla, an animal activist from Chennai said, “Monsoon is the worst time for animals in the city. They do not easily find food in the garbage dumps or the road, the baby animals usually get abandoned and the cases of hit and run increase. There was a case where a dog was hit by car while it was raining this week. We called an NGO to come and rescue the dog but they came three days after the complaint and by then the infection had spread majorly and the dog’s wound had deepened.”
“There are not enough animal shelters in the city. The NGOs are always busy with some or the other rescue. Even when they manage to send volunteers, they do not know what to do”, she added.
S. Vinod Kumar, Assistant Secretary of the Animal Welfare Board of India, said that they haven’t received any calls in the past three days complaining that the heavy rainfall is affecting animal welfare in the city.
“It is not physically possible for a team to be present in various parts of the city to take care of every animal that has fallen, it never happens” he added.
The Blue Cross of India, which started with an attempt to save dogs drowning in a flooded street receives about 50-60 calls every day, says Satya Rama, an Honorary Secretary of Blue Cross.
“Every day is a crisis day for us”, he says, “with only three ambulance and so many rescue calls, we already have a handful”, he adds.
“Animals get stuck in deep muddy dicthes or under fallen trees. Rainy season is the time when people should open their gates for the welfare of the animals”, advises Anuradha Chawla who lives with eleven dogs that she has rescued.

Metro work outside Chennai central affected by non-stop monsoon rains

Heavy waterlogging outside Park Town Railway Station.. PHOTO: Vinayakk M

Heavy waterlogging outside Park Town Railway Station.. PHOTO: Vinayakk M

Unrelenting rains across the city for more than three days has affected routine life, causing traffic congestion and water stagnation. Patrol Police Sub-Inspector, T. Ranganathan, said that Chennai Central area was one of the worst affected areas.


Killer Cloudburst

Flooded roads enable jams and disable speedy ambulance service Credits: The Hindu

Flooded roads enable jams and disable speedy ambulance service
Credit: The Hindu

Chennai, Oct. 21: Life-threatening consequences await patients if ambulances fail to reach hospitals on time. With water-logged roads, nonfunctioning signals, and broken trees obstructing the way, a journey that would originally take 10 minutes to complete now takes at least an hour.


Jams have worsened in the city as a result of poor traffic management and lack of preparedness to handle the intensity with which the monsoons have hit this year. Cars, bikes, buses and autos manoeuver through traffic, occupying every lane and sidewalk resulting in accidents.


North-east monsoon hits the city


The North East monsoon which was predicted to arrive in the third week of October has fleetingly distressed the city over the past two days.

The arterial roads have been hit with water logging leading to traffic congestion and vehicles breaking down. The Velachery main road in South Chennai, one of the busiest arterial roads in the city, was teeming with slow-moving traffic and stagnant rain water on Monday. (more…)