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‘Cartoonists should have some self-restraint’

By Tanvi Jadwani, Theja Ram and Vinayakk M.

“You do not have to carry free speech so far as to be stupid,” said N. Ram, former editor-in-chief of The Hindu group of publications, referring to how the Charlie Hebdo cartoon on the Prophet and the subsequent terror attacks could have been avoided with a little bit of editorial restraint.

Ram, drawing on his experience of dealing with cartoonists as editor of The Hindu, said, “Cartoonists rarely face trouble. They have lot more freedom than the writers and editors.”



Regulated Betting in India: What are the odds?

By Vaibhav Sharma & Vinayakk Mohanarangan

CHENNAI: In present times, cricket in India finds itself clouded by allegations of corruption and betting. The Supreme Court’s verdict against Gurunath Meiyappan and Raj Kundra in the IPL betting scandal has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the fate of sports in the country.

Cartoon courtesy: India Cartoons by Manjul (

Eradicating corruption from sports: Can regulated betting do what the cops and court cannot? Cartoon courtesy: India Cartoons by Manjul (




Is India prepared to tackle Climate Change?

Jairam Ramesh, former Union Minister for Environment and Forests, delivered a lecture on Warming Up to the Climate Change Challenge at the Asian College of Journalism on Friday, October 24. Here are some excerpts.

Jairam Ramesh at Asian College of Journalism.   PHOTO: The Hindu

Jairam Ramesh at Asian College of Journalism.
PHOTO: The Hindu

On climate change policies:

Climate change is a public health issue. India needs to pass legislation on trading system for meeting fuel efficiency standards in order to gain global community’s confidence on its commitment towards addressing problem of climate change.

Shared vision for long term cooperative action including long term global goal for emission reductions and enhanced national/international action on mitigation of climate change.

Supporting proposals on equity issues like African groups equity reference frameworks that advances the cause of equity in a practical way accepting a new change keeping in mind past, present and future.

International relations:

There is a dire need for international cooperation. There were many treaties in place such as the Kyoto Protocol to cut down two-thirds of the greenhouse emission, but no longer valid due to the pullout of major contributors such as the United States and China.

India should device policies in order to show commitment towards cutting green house emissions in UNFCCC meet that would be held in LIMA.

There is a need to introduce the concept of graduation by which countries become more responsible as they move up the equity ladder and that India must rework its articulation of equity and differentiation.

Climate change, an ideological issue:

The concentration of the tribal community overlaps with the presence of the forests with rich coal and mineral deposit; it becomes a threat to their livelihood. If the forests are cut down, then their natural habitat would be affected, in turn affecting their health. Thus climate change is not a political issue, but an ideological one.

Environment as a cost to be borne needs to be challenged and this attitude needs to be changed.

India’s approach:

Redefining the parameters of environment issue. Renewable energy is the future and India should be the leader of renewable energy in the world.

We need to view the era of a Green economy not as a threat but an opportunity in order to shift trajectories and incorporate responsibility.

Bringing in a rapid and inclusive growth that is sustainable for the future generation. India must develop scientific efforts to monitor and model its contribution to climate change challenge. India’s satellite capability should be used for ecological monitoring.

Parents worried about schools’ attitude towards ‘Madras Eye’

Chennai, Oct 28: Parents are concerned that schools are not taking sufficient precautions to protect their children from the epidemics breaking out in the city, mainly conjuctivitis, caused by the recent change of weather.

“The school has not issued any official circular. I am not sure what is happening. I feel scared especially when I open the newspaper everyday and see new cases of some disease in the newspaper,” said one of the parents at Sankara Senior Secondary School in Adyar as she was picking up her seven-year-old daughter back home.


Chennaiyin FC register a thumping home win against Mumbai City FC

Chennai, Oct 28: Chennaiyin FC (CFC) put in a ruthless first half display, scoring four goals before the break, to crush Mumbai City FC 5-1 in their second home game of the Indian Super League here today. Elano, Chennai’s marquee Brazilian signing, put Mumbai’s high defensive line to the sword, scoring two goals and assisting one in a man of the match display.

A bright night for CFC and their fans at The Marina Arena. PHOTO: Vinayakk M.

A bright night for CFC and their fans at The Marina Arena. PHOTO: Vinayakk M.

The win put CFC second on the table behind Atletico De Kolkata, who are incidentally the next visitors to the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

In front of over 16500 spectators rooting raucously for the home team, CFC began the game in a changed 4-3-1-2 formation fro


Metro work outside Chennai central affected by non-stop monsoon rains

Heavy waterlogging outside Park Town Railway Station.. PHOTO: Vinayakk M

Heavy waterlogging outside Park Town Railway Station.. PHOTO: Vinayakk M

Unrelenting rains across the city for more than three days has affected routine life, causing traffic congestion and water stagnation. Patrol Police Sub-Inspector, T. Ranganathan, said that Chennai Central area was one of the worst affected areas.