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A final battle cry for political cartoons

By S.Vishnhu Saaye and Usha Rani Das

In memory of R.K.Laxman and Rajender Puri. Photo: Usha Rani Das

In memory of R.K.Laxman and Rajender Puri. Photo: Usha Rani Das

Chennai: R.K.Laxman was hailed as an unambigious genius, by various editors and cartoonists at the inauguration of a symposium on cartooning held at the Asian College of Journalism (ACJ) on Monday.

Sadanand Menon, adjunct faculty at the ACJ and organizer of the symposium said, “The idea to hold this symposium emerged when R.K.Laxman passed away. To pay homage to Laxman, we were planning to invite Rajinder Puri to talk, but his death 21 days after Laxman’s was a critical blow and put forth the question of the end of the era of political cartooning in India.”



Street Vendors Act: Acting in Good Spirit or Still Exploited

By Usha Rani Das

Selvarani has a difficult selling bags without license. Photo: Anjali Pillay

Selvarani has difficulty selling bags without license.
Photo Credits: Anjali Pillay

Chennai, Feb 5:  “They come and take away my bags,” said 45-year-old Selvarani who sells bags round a corner outside Nungambakkam railway station.

Being a street vendor without a license, living in fear of being exploited every other day by corporation officials and the police has been her life for the past 10 years. With the introduction of the Street Vendors Act which came into force on May 1 2014, formulated to protect the rights of street vendors, their grievances and burdens have not reduced.

“We know about the license strategy, but we don’t know how to go about it. The officials are also not doing anything,” said Selvarani, who has two daughters whom she wants to educate well so that they don’t have to follow her trail of uncertainty and struggle.


Surrogacy in India: Debate of Ban or Regularise

Usha Rani Das

Surrogacy Source: G-Smart

Source: G-Smart

Chennai, Oct 29: With the recent appeal of Catholic Conference of Bishops of India (CCBI) Commission for Theology and Doctrine in the Supreme Court and to the Centre to ban surrogacy in India, most people are against it. A. J. Hariharan, Director of G-Smart, an NGO working for the rights of global surrogate mothers said that banning surrogacy is not a solution as it has its own benefits for society.

“Surrogacy is a big advancement of medical services. It is a big advantage for childless couples. Banning it will be a big disadvantage for them and for advancement in related medical fields, In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) field,” said Hariharan. (more…)

Water clogged streets: Fault in Maintenance

Usha Rani Das

water clogged streets at besant nagar

water clogged streets at besant nagar

water collects near KasturbaiNagar railway station

water collects near KasturbaiNagar Railway station

Chennai, Oct 23: Though almost every building in Chennai has Rain Water Harvesting system, pools of water have appeared in front of the apartments and buildings. After a continuous downpour of rain for two days, Chennai streets were water clogged, causing people tremendous problem in carrying out their daily chores.

“Even if it rains for an hour or so, water collects in front of our apartment. We don’t know whom to approach to solve this,” said Sheethal Gunasekharan, a resident of Kalakshetra colony, Besant Nagar. (more…)

Exploitation of surrogate mothers in Chennai

Usha Rani Das

Plight of the Surrogate Mothers Source: The Hindu

Plight of the Surrogate Mothers
Source: The Hindu

Chennai, Oct 29: Chennai will become the largest hub of surrogacy in Asia by 2020, according to A.J. Hariharan, Director of G-Smart, Chennai based NGO serving to protect the rights of the surrogate mothers in India,  But Chennai has a long way to go to make it a properly legalised business, ensuring the protection of the rights of everyone involved, without any irregularities. With surrogacy being legal and cost-effective in India, it has become a commercialised industry, increasing the scope of exploitation. (more…)