Author: swathimoorthy

Society frowns at women drinkers

By S.Vishnhu Saaye

Chennai: Rigid societal roles that stereotype women as teetoallers leads to forms of moral policing of women drinkers, a trend noticed in Chennai. It is considered to go against the Tamil traditions for a woman to be drinking alcohol, say locals.



Has Chennai become more tolerant towards alcohol?

By S.Vishnhu Saaye and Swathi Moorthy

Chennai: Increasing westernisation has dramatically changed the role of alcohol in various sectors of our daily life – concerts, clubs, social meetings and even corporate negotiations as an icebreaker.

“It is an easy way to break ice during client meetings,” said P. Selva, a project manager in a leading IT firm and added that it has constant presence in informal meetings as well.


The paper story

Artist Dhasan's painting

Artist Dhasan’s painting

Chennai, October 25: To some paper is a medium to write, doodle and scribble. For some paper is disposable. But for the rest it is art.

‘The Passion of Paper’ arts exhibited at the Apparao gallery, was an amalgamation of styles with paper as a common denominator. The paintings were diverse in terms of concept and techniques used and brings together 13 contemporary artists from across the country.