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A story untold: the people of ‘Oriya Basti’ near the Ennore Thermal Power Plant

By Theja Ram

Chennai, Oct 30: A small distance away from the Ennore Thermal Power Plant is a community of immigrants from Odisha who have been living there for more than 5 years now. The area, now unofficially known as the ‘Oriya Basti’ hosts unemployed and forsaken laborers who came from parts of Rourkela in hopes finding work at the power plant.

Ennore thermal Power Plant

Ennore thermal Power Plant

During the construction of the plant, the laborers were living in temporary houses built outside the premisis of the plant and continue to live there even today. “We were put up here when we worked as construction laborers for the plant. After we were let go, we continued to stay here and the plant officials too didn’t have a problem with it. We have had no electricity since almost five years now and we fish in the nearby pond for our meals,” said Madhumati Ponda’s husband, who is unemployed but occaisionally works as a construction laborer.  (more…)


Beach vendors and slum swellers on the Marina Beach suffer due to heavy rain

By Theja Ram

Chennai, Oct 21: The hustle of shop vendors and cluster of slum sheds lacked its busy appeal due to the incessant rain over the last few days. Many vendors and dwellers at the Marina beach have moved to other places until the rain dies down, while some are moving to other states.

Some slum dwellers have vacated the premise to set up homes in other parts of the city. “There were around 300 slum sheds here. Around 50 families have evacuated the area due to the heavy rain. My friend Kamala and her husband had to leave as their shed collapsed two days ago,” said Ramamangala, a slum resident who also owns a bajji stall shut temporarily.

A vendor at Marina Beach

Courtesy: Chennai Outdoors