Metro work outside Chennai central affected by non-stop monsoon rains

Heavy waterlogging outside Park Town Railway Station.. PHOTO: Vinayakk M

Heavy waterlogging outside Park Town Railway Station.. PHOTO: Vinayakk M

Unrelenting rains across the city for more than three days has affected routine life, causing traffic congestion and water stagnation. Patrol Police Sub-Inspector, T. Ranganathan, said that Chennai Central area was one of the worst affected areas.

“Due to the metro construction work, the drainage fac

ilities in this area are non-existent. New drains will be installed in the future but right now there is no way to ease the excessive water stagnation and traffic jams,” he said. He also added that it has been more difficult than usual to control traffic this year during the monsoon because of the roads being shortened for the metro construction.

Manohar, one of the construction workers under contract with the Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL), said that their shifts were cut short to 9 hours instead of the usual 12 hours due to the rains. Some of them were deployed to pump water out of the subway to help the commuters. “Since the lights inside the subway are not working, we are also providing temporary lighting,” he added.

Raghuram, one of the commuters using the subway, said that he had to evade ankle-high water stagnation inside the pitch dark subway earlier in the evening as the temporary lights had not yet been installed.

Das, the supervisor of the mechanical work for that area, said that the road construction which was supposed to be carried out by CMRL over the weekend had to be stopped to divert traffic. He also said that the civil and structural work had to be stopped for two days because of the rains. He added that mechanical work took place intermittently, whenever the rain eased.

-Vinayakk M.


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